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Why TVCola?

The TVCola Firestick app + website gives you a better, easier, faster way to fix and jailbreak your Firestick / Android devices.

It's Free

TVCola is, and will always be free to everyone. 

We don’t have paywalls or premium services, and we don’t want them. 

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They help us keep the lights on.

It's Easy

The days of visiting a dozen different sites to figure out how to jailbreak your device, what the best third-party streaming apps are, and how to download them are now over.

Between our guides, our user forum, and our effortless user experience, we’ve made sure you have everything you need so you can spend less time researching and more time watching. 

It's Good

Find the apps that are actually the best, as voted by other streamers. 

Join our forums to see what people really think about top apps, ask questions, or show off your knowledge by answering in Q&A threads.

We’re the best because we’re powered by users like you.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to fix and jailbreak your Firestick / Android devices.

Yes, TVCola Does That Too.

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Use the TVCola Firestick app to quickly install every app you could ever want!

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