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HUGE UPDATE:  The TVCola App is now FIXED and WORKING 100%!  The download link below has been updated, so remove and re-install TVCola right now!

How to Install TVCola

1.  Install Downloader

2.  Enter tvcola.com/get 

3.  Press “Install” & “Open

YouTube Tutorial:  How to Install TVCola Appstore on Firestick

For Android phones, Android TV (such as Nvidia Shield), and tablets:

Press the Download button below.

TVCola v3.0 APK (3.62MB)

OR Open the web browser on your Android device and enter the address below:


Forums & Top 100

Get Firestick help!

Want to be involved in the Firestick / Android community?  Then check out the TVCola Forum – only available at TVCola.com/forum 

Ask a Question

How to Install TVCola on Firestick

Follow the steps below to install TVCola on Firestick / Android. 

Pro users download TVCola APK at tvcola.com/get

1. Install Downloader

  • First, hold down on the Firestick VOICE button and say “Downloader“. 
  • Then install the “Downloader” app (has an orange icon).

2. Download TVCola APK

  • Now enter this address into the Downloader app:  tvcola.com/get
  • Download the TVCola APK file and proceed to press “INSTALL” to install TVCola.


3. GO!

  • Press “Open” to launch TVCola.
  • Then use TVCola to install Apps on Firestick!
  • TIP:  To re-launch TVCola, hold down the HOME button on the remote.  Then press “Apps”.  Scroll all the way down and select the yellow TVCola idon.