TVCola Lite: Best WORKING Firestick Apps

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We just today released TVCola Lite – a new app category in the TVCola app that has ONLY the Top WORKING Firestick apps in it.

I’ll keep this short and sweet:

The TVCola app library contains over 400 apps, so it can be overwhelming to look at them all at once.

So we made this hand-picked short-list of the best Firestick apps (“third-party APKs”).

We call this collection of the Best Firestick apps TVCola Lite.

TVCola Lite includes:

  • Top 5 Firestick Apps for Movies & TV Shows (“TV Series”)
  • 5 Best Firestick Apps for Live TV (aka “IPTV”)
  • Firestick Tools (listed below with individual download links)

Firestick Tools Included with TVCola Lite

How to Install Best Firestick Apps with TVCola Lite:

  1. Install TVCola
  2. Launch TVCola on your Firestick
  3. Select the “* TVCOLA LITE  (Top Firestick Apps)*” category within the TVCola app.
  4. Then press the DOWNLOAD button next to an app to Download that app.
  5. Press “Install” to install the app you downloaded.
  6. Then press “OPEN” to launch the downloaded app.

That’s it!

The whole idea behind TVCola Lite is simplicity, reliability, and ease-of-use.

I hope we accomplished that – if not, let us know!

What’s In TVCola Lite?

Here’s a screenshot of the apps that are currently in TVCola Lite:

TVCola Lite FileLinked Code:  66575558

You can also use the TVCola Lite FileLinked code to install the same apps listed in TVCola Lite!