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How to Suggest Apps to TVCola

Don’t see an APK on TVCola that you think should be there?  Suggest an App it to us!  We’ll review it.  If it’s “legit”, we’ll add it to our App Store for all to Download.

After you Suggest an App to TVCola, make sure to holler at us on social media.  For example, leave a Comment on our Facebook page saying “hey @TVCola!  I just suggested that you add _______ app to your App Store”.

1. Go to our Contact Us page

Visit TVCola.com/contact.

2. Click one of our Social Media buttons

  • For example, click the Facebook button

3. Post a message / comment

  • Leave us a Post on our wall (or a private message) saying “hey @tvcolaapp! I suggest that you add ______ app”.

Top 100 Apps

Vote & view Firestick apps ranked by viewers like you!

Want to be involved in the Firestick / Android community?  Then vote for the Best Apps at TVCola.com/vote 

Vote & View top 100

How to Use TVCola

1.  Install TVCola

2.  Find APK 

3.  Install APK

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