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How to Use TVCola Forum

Follow the steps below (with real-life example!) to use the TVCola Forum.

After you go to the Forum, Ask a Question, Answer a Question, Upvote/Downvote Questions & Answers, or leave a comment (using the steps on this page, below).

1. Sign Up / Log In

To start your Favorites list, first find an app on TVCola.com.  For example, find the app “ES File Explorer” on TVCola.com.

There are at least 3 ways to Find Apps on TVCola.com.  Use our “How to Find Apps” guide if you’re not sure.

2. Open the TVCola App

  • Click the “Add to Favorites” button.
  • You can add as many apps to your Favorites list as you want

3. GO!

  • Now click “View Favorites” to view your list of Favorites.
  • To Share your Favorites, you have at least 2 methods:
  • Method 1 – just Copy and Past the Share URL toward the bottom of your Favorites list.
  • Method 2 – click one of the Share buttons at the bottom of the Favorites page.

Top 100 Apps

Vote & view Firestick apps ranked by viewers like you!

Want to be involved in the Firestick / Android community?  Then vote for the Best Apps at TVCola.com/vote 

Vote & View top 100

How to Use TVCola

1.  Install TVCola

2.  Find APK 

3.  Install APK

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